Kenborne are official retailers for Jet Tec ink cartridges and Jet Tec compatible toners. Our Jet Tec inkjet and Jet Tec toner cartridges are remanufactured to exacting standards in the UK and our Jet Tec cartridges offer enormous cost saving against the original manufacturers ink cartridges whilst keeping the same high quality printing that you know and love from the originals. Kenborne are backed up by full technical support and guarantees for your products, in the event it is needed.

Kenborne has been successfully selling Jet Tec printer consumables in the UK since 1999. We offer a simple approach to our customers, only the highest quality Jet Tec printer inks and toner cartridges at extremely competitive prices.

Kenborne offers:

  • High quality JetTec ink and Jet Tec toner cartridges.
  • Faulty cartridges are replaced at no cost.
  • Competitive pricing value compared to other retailers.
  • Next day or second day delivery (next day isn't 100% guaranteed depending on the circumstances such as current stock).
  • Safe and secure purchasing.
  • Full technical support and advice for new users to Jet Tec consumables.

About Jet Tec.

Jet Tec is the leading brand of inkjet and toner cartridges in Europe and by far the largest supplier, with over 30 years of remanufacturing, the brands creators DCI (Dynamic Cassette International) have been at the forefront of the industry, pushing the boundaries of expertise and innovation. Their products reflect this expertise as they offer reliability and quality like no other brand in the market, to put it simply, Jet Tec is a thriving brand.

Jet Tec has a simple philosophy, create quality, cost effective alternatives to the OEMs; since establishing their reputation in the printer and ink cartridge market, Jet Tec have become known for guaranteeing high quality products at outstanding value for money compared to their OEM counterparts. As Jet Tec is a British based brand, all Jet Tec cartridges are produced in the UK and distributed from warehouses across the UK and Europe.

  • JetTec was established in 1989 in the UK.
  • British remanufacturer with warehouses across Europe.
  • Winner of the Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation.
  • Winner of the Queen's Award for Export.
  • ISO14001 Certified.
  • ISO9001 Certified.
  • ISO9002 Certified.

Why use Jet Tec?

Jet Tec cartridges are an alternative to using the more expensive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) branded cartridges, Jet Tec cartridges are recommended because they allow you to achieve the same quality of printing results whilst saving you money in the long run. Jet Tec cartridges essentially enable you to achieve the same great level of quality the OEM branded cartridges provide, but at the same time significantly reducing the costs of the printing process.

Jet Tec Extra Life technology.

With over 25 years of leading manufacturing with compatible and recycled printer consumable, JetTec is the established leader in their market offering reliability, quality and patented technology. At Kenborne we offer only stock, original and official JetTec branded products, we are an official JetTec partner and are accredited by them to sell JetTec products. We have over 30 years of selling printer ink products and office supplies. We firmly believe we are one of the best companies to come to for JetTec related products.

JetTec Extra Life printer cartridges feature a revolutionary tiny microprocessor that allows the cartridge to extract more ink after the signal is given that the cartridge is empty. On OEM printer ink cartridges the signal that the ink is empty can be given before it is actually fully empty, this results in ink being left at the bottom of the cartridge, thus wasted after you throw the cartridge away.

JetTec combats this by the microprocessor alerting the cartridge to extract the remaining ink from the bottom, this results in an increase of up to 30% more prints before the cartridge has to be discarded. All printers that have access to JetTec printer ink cartridges can use this technology; JetTec ink cartridges not only rival the OEM cartridges for printing quality but are considerably cheaper, so you get up to 30% more prints for less money than a standard brand named cartridge.

Jet Tec is better for the environment.

Jet Tec ink jet cartridges and toner cartridges are regularly used by a wide variety of customers for all types of printing locations such as small, medium to large offices, busy retail environments, warehouses and homes. Jet Tec cartridges are undeniably the UKs most popular brand of printer cartridge due to the unmatched quality, reliability, and the significant money saving that they offer due to them costing less than the OEM brands.

JetTec adhere to environmental processes and rules during the production of any one of their cartridges, many of todays printer manufacturers produce their cartridges whilst bending the rules, releasing far more greenhouse gases. JetTecs 30% more ink releasing technology means throwing out less cartridges with small amounts of ink left in them.

Jet Tec has a huge range of printer cartridges available for all types of printers, from small brand printers to the leading brand manufactures. Jet Tecs comprehensive range of printer cartridges means you will be hard pressed to find a printer that doesnt meet the requirements to have a Jet Tec cartridge installed. JetTec is an ISO 9002 certified company and is Europes leading compatible inkjet cartridge remanufacturer.

The Jet Tec guarantee.

All Jet Tec products are fully guaranteed against defects such as faulty materials, faults with the product that stop it from performing correctly, or out of the box faults from issues occurring during assembly.

Jet Tec guarantees that if instructions regarding the product in question have been followed correctly, it will not cause damage when used in original manufacturers cartridges that are not faulty before refilling. Jet Tec shall not be liable for any damage caused to yourself, others or your electronics when not used within accordance of the instructions provided.

Finding The Right Jet Tec Product.

To find the right JetTec cartridge for your printer, start by searching via the name of your printer and from there you will be able to discern which JetTec cartridge is best for you. Alternatively, if you are unsure about what cartridge you need for your printer, call our friendly team here at Kenborne on 01395 227235 between the hours of 10am-4pm weekdays and we will be happy to help you find the right product and answer any queries you might have. Alternatively, send us a contact form by clicking here to go through to our contact page.

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